Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Mind At Work- Argument

Mike Rose's The Mind at Work points out the level of dificulty in low wage jobs like waitressing and hair dressing. What I took away as his argument is that we as a society do not appreciate the work that these men and women do because we think of it as something anyone can do. To begin he discusses waitressing, which is commonly thought of as a job t for the lazy. Rose collects data form interviews he conducts over time with waitresses and presents his interviews in a way to enoforce his argument. One of the things that strcuk me the most is the amount of mental workk involved in waitressing. Not that I think waitressing is a job for the lazy or undeserving, but I have never sat down and though about how diffucult their jobs are. As he explains waitresses have to have an excellent memory, not only to remember customers orders but to also deal with the issued that come up. For example a waitress doesnt  just wait on one table at a time, and not very table is satisfied with what you bring out to them. There are always the customers that interrupt you while your making your way from table to table making sure all your customers are ok. On top of that waitresses must create a kind of connection or raport if you will with their customers in order to maximize their tips which is where the majority of their ncome relies. Even after all the hard work that a waitress puts in a normal day at work her income still heavily relies on the generosity of the person she is serving which to me seems very unfair. So my question is this, why does docisety put such a stigma on waitresses and other low wage jobs? In my opinion as Mike Rose rights this book, he is trying to educate his audience not to judge a book by its cover so to speak. Just because someone is a waitress, line cook, hairdresser, maid etc doesnt mean that they are not smart enuogh to be doctors, lawyers etc. It just means that they were unfortunetly not givien the opportunity that others may have and this is where class comes into play.                                                                                                        

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